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Monday, October 23, 2006

Bye, Bye, Kenny from Phi 

don't go out on the don hemly limb here, but cipazzo and i saw what may be Ken Hitchcock's only win of the season. The Flyers abused the Rangers by 4-2 the other week. While it was only the Flyer's first win, they've not come close since. So, last night, when no one was looking the Flyers dumped GM Bobby Clarke and Coach Ken.

Chipazzo doesn't remember when Booby Clarke was the Flyers. Apparently the owners forgot, too. But hey! Ken Hitchcock! I'm not Kenny's biggest fan, and the NHL ain't one of them other leagues, but let's not bet against his getting picked up somewhere 'round the league before the Zamboni's go quiet this spring.

==>Chipazzo doesn't remember when Booby Clarke was the Flyers.

Probably not, but I do. At one time my favorite NHL-er. Enough to forgo the N'Stars hat in favor of one from the Broad Street Bullies.
Let's not bet against

see you
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