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Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Watch this Site 

Today Chipazzo called from the Deleware shore. His observation: there are _no_ dedicated podcasts for NHL lore, wisdom, and tracking the Great Player Diaspora taking place.

His plan: a weekly podcast hitting the high spots of the NHL week.

Your editor, ever the sucker for more information, took the bait. We'll stage it here. So, when the Chipazzo returns from Crawford, er..., Bethany Beach, the Statboni crew will crank up the old ice machine and turn some of these textual rants into the audio variety.

This feeds "Ed"s need to appreciate other forms of communication, ol' Marsh (McCluhan) havin' said enough on the subject.

For some podcast examples, visit the site:

and search for NHL. there were three links as of this writing.

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