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Sunday, March 13, 2005

Scooter Sighting 

This last Thursday, March 9th, on the way to BA, going up Salem Rd, from Union (NJ) into Hillside, I pulled into the left of two lanes as we approached a construction zone, where the traffic was diverted into the right lane. I realized there was no point in going further, so I stopped to wait for the traffic to proceed, rather than pulling all the way up to the narrowing lanes. When the traffic started to move, I looked over my right shoulder to see where I might merge. There in a grey compact, the driver was waving me in.

I waved back, and as I merged, looked in the rear view mirror and gave another look. Was it Hillsides most famous citizen -- the Scooter -- Phil Rizutto? It sure looked like him. Another wave of thanks exchanged and we were off. How about if I follow him from the front? There is talk he lives a few blocks from Benedictine, so I thought I'd chance it. Proceeding slowly, I turned down the alleged street where he lives. Lo and behold, the car turned in behind me, and then pulled in to a driveway down the block.

On arrival at school, I checked in with Brian D, whose history classroom is adorned with pinstripes. Indeed, Brian assured me that indeed was the Scooter's corner, and that he only goes out in the morning.

"Holy Cow", I'd met the Scooter, Phil Rizzuto on his home turf.

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